The Very Hungry Thesaurus Book Of The Month

Is there a new release you’ve been side-eyeing at the bookstore but you’re not sure if its your cup of tea? Or have you been gifted the newest ‘bestseller’ that could be a hidden gem or could be a steaming pile of Thesaurus poo? Then you have found the right post, dear friend.

I’ve decided to take the work off your hands by launching The Very Hungry Thesaurus Book Of The Month. This will mean I’ll do the reading for you, sorting the secret wonders from the time wasters while you sit back and relax after only a few clicks of your mouse. I’ll aim to focus on new releases, but will also do themed months and other exciting events. Plus maybe even some bonus perks!

The Book Of The Month will be launched on my Patreon. My delightful patrons will be able to cast their vote in the Book Of The Month poll which will guarantee a review of that book. Pretty neat perk, I’d say. The review will then be posted on Patreon that very same month so that my patrons can get their hands on it ASAP. Sounds like a win/win to me!

If the book you’re after isn’t featured on my Book Of The Month poll, never fear! I’ve also added a Book Recommendation option for you to pick the exact book you want me to read. You let me know what you want to hear about, and within a month that review will be up for your to peruse and enjoy at your leisure.

If this has all tickled your fancy or piqued your interest, I’d be honoured for you to check out my patron options at All support is deeply appreciated and no small amount goes unnoticed.

I look forward to your votes and recommendations!

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