Taking A Pause: Reading Coming Home To Country

It’s not often that I sit down and read a picture book, but when I was sent Coming Home To Country I was reminded how satisfying it is to pore over beautifully illustrated pages. I sat down with this book and gently flicked through each spread, marvelling at the details, shapes and patterns. Having the moment to pause and take in each page was like a reset button for my book-loving soul. It was so refreshing to take my time and not feel like I was rushing through it or had a time limit on my reading experience. 

This book is excellently produced. The pages are so vibrant, the colours burst off the page. The detail of the artworks are also captured amazingly, with the brush strokes and paint weight all clearly visible in the prints. Not to mention the spot gloss on the front cover, which gives the cover that little something special. This is a beautiful book and would make a lovely gift to adults and children alike. 

‘The story is perfect in its simplicity.’

The story is perfect in its simplicity. The book follows a character as they explore the Australian landscape and their connection to the land and nature. The story pairs the pictures with aural imagery that brings the natural world to the forefront of the reader’s mind. It also parallels the author’s creative process as the story speaks to the way the author eases into the colour palette and shapes. The story is paired perfectly with the images and creates a unanimous and cohesive journey. 

Bancroft’s book has been surprisingly helpful in my new mindfulness routine. Having been told my sleep is being interrupted by my overactive brain, I began searching for mindfulness activities beyond the regular yoga or meditation. While not exactly scientific, I have found that taking a few moments out of my day to look at Bancroft’s art in this book has been helpful. The repetitive patterns and shapes, as well as the detailing, have been perfect for focusing my mind and resetting my thought patterns. 

Thank you again to Hardie Grant Egmont for sending this book out to me. It will have a beloved place on my bookshelf for many years to come. 

Title: Coming Home To Country
Authors: Bronwyn Bancroft
Publisher: Little Hare Books 
Extent: 22 pp. 
RRP: $24.99
Read If You Like: Art

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