Starry-eyed: Reading Infinity Son

After seeing quite a few of his books floating around, this is the first Adam Silvera novel I have read. It feels like an interesting choice to start with his first fantasy novel since I know he generally writes contemporary romance, but Infinity Son felt more aligned with what I usually like to read. I think this was the best Silvera novel I could have read.

I really enjoyed the action and plot of Infinity Son. In the beginning, it felt quite like X-Men fan fiction which I struggled with. I found myself getting caught up in comparisons and trying to pre-empt what plot and tropes it was going to follow. There was also quite a bit of telling instead of showing at the start which I now realise was probably to cover a bunch of information in as little words as possible, but it did make the beginning a bit hard to get into. 

‘Once it started pushing its own way forward, the plot hooked me in and the action had me flipping through the pages.’

But once the story found its feet, I was able to look past the comparisons and jump into the action and plot. And I loved the action. Once it started pushing its own way forward, the plot hooked me in and the action had me flipping through the pages. I particularly enjoyed the twists and turns and the interconnected reveals that pushed the plot forward and brought the characters together. These were the strongest parts of the plot for me and felt like the most original and inventive use of the concept. 

The characters were an interesting part of the book. I didn’t enjoy them initially and thought that I wasn’t going to enjoy the book overall. They felt annoying, unlikable and the changes in perspective threw me off. But like the plot, once the book started to develop its own unique story, the characters began to grow on me. While they remain somewhat unlikable throughout the story, they are also relatable and intriguing. There are still some characters that I don’t 100% enjoy but that is simply a personal taste thing. 

The romance has very strong Illuminae Files and Simon Versus The Homo Sapiens Agenda vibes. I’m sure it’s probably similar to Silvera’ other work but since I haven’t read any other books, I’m not promising anything. The relationships and romance aren’t quite as prevalent in Infinity Son as it is in those books, and I’m assuming as much as Silvera’s other work, but it is a nice part of the book.

‘But overall the romance is a sweet part of the book and a nice addition to balance the action and fantasy.’

Some of it did feel a little overdone and there was quite a bit of explaining with the characters’ sexuality and the relationships between some of the Spell Walkers. I felt these things could have been a little more nuanced, especially the explanations of the relationships, as there was opportunity to show these moments rather than tell them to the reader. But overall the romance is a sweet part of the book and a nice addition to balance the action and fantasy. 

In terms of the setting, I had mixed feelings. I know Silvera generally writes contemporary stories so I wasn’t shocked that this one was also set in contemporary America, but I didn’t love it. I prefer my fantasy stories to be set in different lands or in my contemporary world but hidden away with controlled parameters. These allow me to easily suspend my disbelief easier  and enjoy the story, or pretend that they could be real in my own world. But having the story set in contemporary New York meant that I had to suspend my disbelief in a different way, a way that I’m not as fond of. It feels like it’s not as easy to accept the possibility since it so directly clashes with reality.

I would’ve liked it much more if these characters were underground and hidden away from common society, but I can see that doing so would have greatly hindered large chunks of the story. Things got significantly easier once the setting became less relevant to the story. love it. 

Many of the issues I had early on were rectified as the story developed and grew. The story became more unique and interesting as it went on and has set itself up with an amazing cliffhanger for the next book. I’m really eager to see what happens next and think I’ll like Book 2 even more than the first. 

Thank you again to Simon & Schuster for gifting me this stunning gold-foiled beauty! I’m so lucky to get sent wonderful gems like these.

Title: Infinity Son
Authors: Adam Silvera
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Extent: 354 pp. 
RRP: $19.99
Read If You Like: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, the X-men series, The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

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