Starry-eyed: Reading Infinity Son

After seeing quite a few of his books floating around, this is the first Adam Silvera novel I have read. It feels like an interesting choice to start with his first fantasy novel since I know he generally writes contemporary romance, but Infinity Son felt more aligned with what I usually like to read. I... Continue Reading →

Taking A Pause: Reading Coming Home To Country

It’s not often that I sit down and read a picture book, but when I was sent Coming Home To Country I was reminded how satisfying it is to pore over beautifully illustrated pages. I sat down with this book and gently flicked through each spread, marvelling at the details, shapes and patterns. Having the... Continue Reading →

Through The Wall: Reading Stardust

My latest Neil Gaiman binge started with Good Omens and has now lead me to a re-read of Stardust. Stardust is one of my favourite fantasy books. It captures everything I love about fantasy - the magic, adventure and otherworldly beings - without the things that I sometimes don’t enjoy about fantasy - too much... Continue Reading →

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