Listen To The Buzz: Reading A Constant Hum

With many parts of Australia currently facing devastating bushfires, we are overwhelmed with images of our country burning. It is hard to comprehend the full scale of destruction we will face at the end of this fire season and how the survivors will pick up their lives and continue on. A Constant Hum speaks to... Continue Reading →

Time To Hunt: Reading Ottilie Colter And The Narroway Hunt

I completely loved this book. Ottilie Colter And The Narroway Hunt found me at the perfect time when all I was craving was a great middle-grade series with awesome characters and a brilliant world. This book was all that, not to mention the super fun plot and thoughtful examination of gender and performance perfectly suited... Continue Reading →

Through The Wall: Reading Stardust

My latest Neil Gaiman binge started with Good Omens and has now lead me to a re-read of Stardust. Stardust is one of my favourite fantasy books. It captures everything I love about fantasy - the magic, adventure and otherworldly beings - without the things that I sometimes don’t enjoy about fantasy - too much... Continue Reading →

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