Hear Me Roar: Reading The Land Of Roar

The Land Of Roar is a sweet book that is all about the magic of play and make-believe. Rose and Arthur grew up playing in Roar, the magical land where they are Masters, but as they get older they forget about it. But when their granddad gets sucked into Roar, they have no choice but... Continue Reading →


Facing The End Of The World: Reading Good Omens

There aren’t many things that can be said about Good Omens that haven’t already been said plenty of times over. I was one of those basic people who picked this book up after watching the recent TV adaptation. My local library went from holding 4 copies to 10 copies (with more on order) to compensate... Continue Reading →

Review: Something To Be Tiptoed Around

'Jeannie wonders why people throw casserole at grief like they think the casserole will smother it. Watches plate after plate of casserole pass by her untouched. The overcooked noodles and the greyish mince and peas. The unpalatable sympathy of strangers.' Grief, like many other emotions, has been a widely-explored topic of fiction and nonfiction. Death,... Continue Reading →

Review: Rogue

Hello again! It should go without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), if you haven’t yet read Hive, this review of its sequel Rogue, will contain spoilers for the first book. Similarly, I have done my best to conceal any spoilers for Rogue but may have had some clues slip by me accidentally. There is... Continue Reading →

Review: Hive

Hello! Normally I don’t really open with an introduction, but normally I don’t feel like I give away that much. I’ve tried to avoid spoilers as best I can, but read this as fair warning that while I don’t straight up tell you what happens, there are a few hints that I couldn’t get around... Continue Reading →

Review: When The Ground Is Hard

I came to this book on a whim. I saw it on Facebook and thought ‘why not?’ It didn’t sound exactly like what I wanted to read, but I picked it up anyway. I’m so glad I did! There is almost nothing I can criticise about this book. Nothing felt out of place or off-beat.... Continue Reading →

Review: Aurora Rising

In case you haven’t heard the hype swirling around this book, Aurora Rising is the latest novel from Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and a brilliantly strong start to their new sci-fi trilogy, The Aurora Cycle. As you’d expect from an Amie and Jay novel (Aay? Jamie? Surely we’ve got a technical term for their... Continue Reading →

Review: Four Dead Queens

In a world bombarded with duologies, trilogies and series, it is refreshing to read a stand-alone book. It is one of the reasons why I loved Four Dead Queens. While I love returning to beloved characters, sometimes a series is too much to commit to when there are so many wonderful new books coming out... Continue Reading →

Review: The Haven

The Haven follows the story of Ollie Turner as he stumbles across one of the biggest secrets in London. This book had a super interesting concept at its heart – a secret organisation run by kids and teens that adopts other kids and teens, giving them a home and an education. What an absolutely amazing... Continue Reading →

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